Our Ethics

Our mission statement - 

To become one of the world’s leading producers and providers of innovative, practical and beautiful bathtime products for babies and young children globally,  using environmentally friendly materials to support the health, safety and well-being of babies, parents, and the planet.

We use a carefully selected fibre blend to make our signature Cuddledry towelling the softest, most absorbent fabric for young skin, but which ensures we stay true to our environmental values with sustainable production.      

Bamboo is a very special fibre.   Bamboo grows so fast it is the most sustainable crop on the planet and grows naturally without the need for artificial irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides.  Our yarn comes from suppliers with the highest levels of social and environmental standards (audited and certified, paying fair wages, energy and water efficient, no pollutants and clean eco-systems) - and is a blend of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton, which cuts down enormously on the environmental impact of normal cotton towelling production.     

Cuddledry baby bath towels are designed for use from birth, but due to Cuddledry’s clever simplicity, and our desire to make sure you and our planet get a big return on your investment, you can use your Cuddledry for as many years as you want to – we believe in reduce, reuse and recycle - through toddlerhood and beyond! 

Believe in better

Bamboo fibre is much more absorbent than cotton, and contains natural anti-bacterial properties – it is also soft as silk, hence not only does bamboo provide a gorgeous luxurious feel, it does the job of drying your baby better, and is best for their skin.

Our promise to you 

This desire to create products that are helpful to parents, safe for baby, and kind to the planet - transfers across our entire range – from the original Cuddledry baby bath towel, to our sustainably sourced natural sponge and our hand-painted natural latex ducks.  We promise to do the best we can – for you, for your baby, and for a safe, sustainable planet.