Will Bathtime Help my Baby Sleep?

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Another question we get asked a lot, particularly by first time parents-to-be: will bathtime help my baby sleep? The short answer is actually, it depends. The long answer? Read on to find out...

Its all about the bedtime routine

 We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but how your baby sleeps will entirely depend on a LOT of factors. Temperament, illness, teething, room temeperature, developmental stages... the list could go on. The fact of the matter is that no two babies are alike, and no one 'magical' method will perform miracles when it comes to baby sleep. It's worth coming to terms with the fact that babies are supposed to wake up throughout the night- so if your baby is waking, then rest assured that it's totally normal. That said though, there are things you can do to improve the amount of sleep your baby- and in turn, you- gets. And yes, its all about the bedtime routine.

Human beings are creatures of habit. We all thrive with routine, whether we're six weeks old or sixty years old. And that bedtime routine you hear so much about? It's really important. A good bedtime routine will help to 'set the scene' for sleep, will relax and soothe baby and will help them to settle into a good night's sleep more easily. And bathtime, for many families, is a crucial part of this baby sleep routine. Read this post to find out more about why a good bedtime routine is so important.

How bathtime helps 

There are very few things in life that are more relaxing than a nice, warm bath- and for babies it's a total body sensory experience. The sensation of the warm water helps to soothe and calm, but it's actually the getting out of the tub that holds the key to a better night's sleep. When you take baby out of the bath, their body temperature drops quite quickly. This helps to ready the body for sleep, as the change in temperature actually convinces the body that it is now nighttime, and therefore time to sleep. Pretty clever, huh?

It's important not to let the temperature drop too far though, as very new babies cannot regulate their body temeperature at all. That's why its always a good idea to have a towel ready to wrap them up in so that they don't get too cold. Luckily the handsfree towel was created for this very purpose!

Building a good bathtime routine

Bathtime is an essential part of your baby's bedtime routine, and having a good bathtime routine is just as important too. Read this post for expert baby bathtime tips on how to ensure it all runs smoothly. And do get in touch if you have any questions or comments- we always love hearing from you in the comment section or over on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!