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Tips to Save Water at Home

Tips for Saving Water at

Here at Cuddledry HQ we're passionate about doing what we can to preserve our planet, and to ensure we pass it on to our children, and their children, in as healthy a state as possible. We've already shared tips on how to be an eco parent, and we're happy to chat about the ways in which we as a small company strive to make a difference too. This week we've been hearing on the news about proposals to cut water waste in the home and we agree that now is the time to take action. We asked our amazing community to help us compile some tips that will help you to save water at home- do let us know in the comments if you have any to add.

Share the tub

Bath time is a special time at the end of every day for many families, but it doesn't have to mean you waste a load of water every time you fill the tub. If you can, make every bath count and share the water. Take a read of this post for tips on handling bath time with more than one child, and don't be afraid to get in their yourself too! Beth at Life as Mum says that sharing a bath saves time too, so it's a non brainer really don't you think? 

Tips for Saving Water at

No need to bathe every day

Lots of parents use bath time as part of their bedtime routine, but there is actually no need to do it every day, especially when babies are really young. In between baths, you can use top and tail washes to keep baby fresh (we recommend our silky soft bamboo washcloths for this purpose) and whilst you're saving water by doing this, you'll also be helping to prevent your baby's delicate skin from drying out.  Jade at Late for Reality swears by this system, and says that you can also ask the water board to come out to your home to advise on water usage too. 

In the Uk, we use an average of 150 litres of water per day to wash, cook and clean (Friends of the Earth)!

Be sparing

Now we're not in any way suggesting that you should abstain from the loo, but do you really need to flush it every time you go? Lucy at Hello Beautiful Bear says that her family flushes when they really need to, and  her frugality extends beyond the bathroom too as she recommends only using the washing machine or dishwasher when they're full to bursting. 

Tips for Saving Water at

Lauren at Scrapbook Blog agrees, saying that she contacted her water board who provided a palstic bag to pop into her toilet cistern. Hayley at Devon Mama agrees, and explains: "You can get a little bag that goes into your toilet cistern (it's called a Hippo bag I believe) either online or from your water company, you fill it up with water and place it in there. It means that you need less water to fill the tank, so that each time you flush, you use less." 

What are you waiting for?

Emily at Babies and Beauty adds, "Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, especially with children as they can take quite a while if they're brushing themselves."

58 bathtubs of water are used per day, per person, to make the food we eat and the things we buy (Friends of the Earth).

Read more

Friends of the Earth have more tips and information on why we need to save water now, and how to do it. Take a read of their post to find out more.