Tips for a Happy Hair Wash |

Tips for a happy hair 

While your little one may usually love bathtime, when it comes to hair wash time it can be a different story! Sound familiar? Read on to find out why and how you can overcome the hair wash horrors! 

Why do some children hate having their hair washed?

For some children, the very thought of having their hair washed can be distressing, while others seem to be completely unconcerned about it all. So why do some children hate having their hair washed? There can be a variety of reasons, but the main culprit is usually because they’re not keen on having water poured onto their heads, or soap in their eyes. Understandable really! Some children are also highly sensitive to touch, and will hate having their hair and heads scrubbed too.

Choosing the right shampoo

Tips for a happy hair

There are baby and child shampoos specially made to be as mild as possible, which means that if soap does get into their eyes, it won’t sting. Baby friendly shampoos are always your best bet.

Go for a mild shampoo

If baby shampoo isn’t available, go for as mild as possible and take extra care to keep the suds away from the face. Check the ingredients label and choose one that has the most natural ingredients as possible.

Just water for younger babies

Very young babies don’t always need shampoo, especially if they have very little hair. Warm water is usually all you need to keep their head clean.

Choosing the right time to wash hair

Nobody wants to have their hair washed when they’re in the middle of a fun game or super tired before bed. Its always a good idea to time it right, especially if you know that your little one isn’t keen. Our tip would be to do the hair wash straight away, so that you can then distract them with some fun bathtime games to take their mind off the ordeal! Just tuck the hair up into a Cuddletwist while they play, and it will start to dry in the tub.

Tips for a stress-free hair wash

When it comes to the actual hair was itself, there are steps you can take to make it as stress-free as possible. Remember that some children just do not like the whole process, so take your time, stay calm and try to reassure them as much as you can.

Tips for a happy hair

Tips for younger babies

Younger babies with hair tend to be a little easier compared to toddlers, so its a good idea to to start a good hair wash routine as early as possible to try and prevent it becoming an issue. 

Don’t wash hair every bathtime

You might only need to wash your baby’s hair once or twice a week- their little heads don’t produce much oil when they’re really tiny, so their hair just won’t need as much cleaning. If your baby has cradle cap, there are special shampoos you can use, and you might want to speak to your health visitor about how often to use it. 

Use a warm cloth to clean the hair before bathtime

Young babies with very little hair may only need a quick rinse and clean with a soft washcloth, rather than to have water poured onto their heads. We recommend our super soft bamboo washcloths for this- and you can do it before they get into the tub too.

Take care not to pour water onto the face

Use your hand to scoop water onto baby’s head if you’re washing and rinsing in the tub. Take care to avoid the face and try to go as slowly as you can so that baby (and you!) stays calm and relaxed.

Tips for toddlers

Tips for a happy hair

Anyone with toddlers will know- hair washing is a whole different game as your baby gets older! Once your child is able to sit up and play in the bath, it can be a battle convincing them its time for a hair wash- but it doesn’t have to be! One thing is for sure- it’s important to stay calm – if you’re anxious or cross, your toddler will pick up on that and the process will be more difficult for you both.

Role play washing dolly’s hair

Bring a dolly into the bath to role play hair washing. Maybe your little one can wash dolly’s hair at the same time, or maybe they can practise first. Talk them through the process before and during, so they know what to expect.

Use a mirror to show your child what is happening

Sometimes children hate having their hair washed because they can’t see what’s happening and they’re not sure when to expect the water. Bring a child-safe mirror into the tub so that they can see what you’re doing- this can work wonders for building up their confidence during hair washes.

Experiment with different methods of rinsing

Experiment with different methods for rinsing their hair. Try a cup, small watering can, show attachment or jug. Encourage them to look up whilst rinsing by holding a toy in the air or even putting tome glow in the dark stars on the roof.

What you need for a happy hair wash

Tips for a happy hair

As with most tasks in life, there are some things that just make washing your child’s hair a lot easier. These are our top recommended must-haves:

Cloth or towel on stand-by

A soft bamboo washcloth or fluffy towel is a must, for wiping faces and keeping water away from their eyes. Some children like to hold a cloth near their eyes during hair washes too- it can help them to feel calm during rinsing. 

Face shield

There are face shields that you can buy to pop over the head so that water can’t be poured onto the face. Do a quick google search and you’ll see lots of options pop up!

Hose attachment for the bath taps

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just get the rinsing done and move on. Hose attachments for the bath taps are usually very quick and efficient, and normally quite cost effective too.

The bottom line on hair washing

At the end of the day, some children are ok with having their hair washed, and some just hate it. As long as you stay calm and composed and try to reassure your child as much as you can, you will get through it. We promise!