Three Tips for Visiting the Baby & Toddler Show

Team Cuddle absolutely love exhibiting at the Baby & Toddler show, with the main highlight being YOU. Helen & Polly and the whole team are dedicated to helping new and expectant parents understand that a happy and safe bath time is not an impossible dream. Yes, babies are slippery when they're wet- but there's a solution. That solution is the original handsfree towel. The team work hard all through the show, giving live demos of the towel and talking through any questions and concerns that many arise. Because we're always so very busy during the shows, we don't often get chance to stop and consider what the experience is like for the customer, battling the crowds and trying to navigate the array of products on sale.

Ahead of the upcoming show in Manchester (stand E5!) we thought we'd share our three top tips for visiting the Baby & Toddler show- hopefully they'll help you make the most of your visit!

Tips for Visiting the Baby & Toddler Show_Cuddledry on stand E5 Manchester

Research the brands you want to visit

There's nothing worse than wandering around with no idea which brands are going to be there, or even what you want to buy! Unless, of course, you're ultra organised, have all you need already, and just want a mooch around!

Now, some expectant parents are VERY organised, and will arrive with a spreadsheet (yes, really!) and a very clear idea of exactly what they want to buy. Others will pop over to the Baby & Toddler show website to check out the exhibitors there, and make a mental note of the brands they really want to visit. Obviously, Cuddledry will be top of your list ;) It's up to you how detailed you want to be, but it does make sense to at least research a little before you visit.

Lots of brands also promote special show exclusives and discounts etc ahead of the weekend, so keep an eye on the Baby & Toddler social channels to find out what's going on.

Cuddledry are offering £5 off all handsfree towels, £5 off all toddler and child towels, and a special bundle offer too: one handsfree towel plus one natural sea sponge and two bamboo washcloths for just £30. Bargain!

Three Tips for Visiting the Baby & Toddler Show_Cuddledry show offers

Set a budget

It's easy to over spend when you see the amount of baby and toddler essentials at the show! But it's a really good idea to set a budget, and try to stick to it if you can. There will be some items that you definitely need to get for baby, but there will be some that you can perhaps add to a list for friends and family to buy for you as gifts. As a general rule, it might help to make sure you're sorted for sleep time, feed time and bath time. Lots of families tend to wait for the show to order bigger items such as prams too.

Set a budget you know you can stick to, but perhaps keep a little aside for the unique products that catch your eye too. Again, it helps to research the brands that will be exhibiting so that you know what you're likely to spend!

Take regular breaks

The Baby & Toddler show can get very busy, and there is a lot to see. If you're pregnant, then regular breaks are a must. Likewise, if you have small children with you, taking time out will be vital to keep everyone happy. There will also be opportunities to hire out slings to carry baby during the show, plus a baby feeding area, baby change area, and expert advice talks to sit and listen to. See more information here

Cuddledry will be on stand E5 at the Baby & Toddler show at Event City, Manchester 27-29. Come and visit us!

Tips for Visiting the Baby & Toddler Show_Cuddledry on stand E5 Manchester

Three Tips for Visiting the Baby & Toddler Show_ Cuddledry gift wrap