Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

It's that time of year again. The shops are heaving, the online sales are buzzing, and in just a few short weeks Christmas will be all over again for another year. But how do you guarantee that the gift you spent money on will not only be enjoyed, but will last beyond the big day itself? 

With this in mind, we asked some of our favourite small brands about the gifts they see grandparents buying for the little ones at this time of the year- plus, let’s not forget the gifts they’d like to receive too! 

Here are our top gift ideas for grandparents and grandchildren- please do share this post, and make sure you check out these fab small businesses too!

Personalised gifts from Cuddledry

Make it extra special. Personalised gifts are huge this year- and its not only a really great way to show that you care, but it can be a lifesaver for busy parents when it comes to keeping track of the kids’ belongings too!

All Cuddledry towels can be personalised at the checkout (we need a little extra time for this service, so please order in plenty of time!) - this is a great option for new baby gifts and gifts for toddlers and older children too. 

Trust us, grandchildren will love dressing up after bath time, and parents will be grateful to find a way to make getting out of the bath just as much fun as being in there!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

Engraved gifts from One Mama One Shed

The amazing One Mama One Shed specialises in sustainable engraved gifts we think you’d love. Founded by Siobhan, this gorgeous little brand is all about creating and celebrating special moments, with the aim of bringing you products that are destined to become family heirlooms.

We absolutely love these super cute little enamel mugs, ‘Joy Peace Christmas’- just perfect for a mini cup of hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, and they can be personalised too. 

And it's not just gifts for the kids either. We have to say we really like the engraved enamel bowls too- as Siobhan says, these are perfect to ‘tell Grandma or Grandad just how nuts you are about them!’. 

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Playful gifts from Totter + Tumble

Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

For those who want to play in comfort with their grandchildren, without their home looking like a creche, Totter + Tumble are for you!  We especially love their new Collaboration Collection with Morris & Co. 

These are stunning play mats perfectly created to meet the needs of the whole family. They’re robust yet squishy, designed to keep little ones cushioned on the floor- not to mention grandparents’ knees too! This gorgeous collection feature double-sided play mats with with a heritage design collaboration from Morris & Co® that definitely won’t look out of place when the grandchildren come to play!

Check out this review by Cecily H: "I ordered a Totter and Tumble mat after hearing about it from my daughter, who had bought one for her little boy. It is perfect for visiting grandchildren playing on the floor of our large kitchen, looks great and is is a safe and comfortable. It’s easy to roll up and put away between visitors too. I highly recommend it for anyone with children or grandchildren in houses with hard floors.” 

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Unique gifts from Artisanne

Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

Founded by Elizabeth and Emma, Artisanne is home to the most amazing and beautifully handwoven baskets, sourced directly from remote villages near Thiès in Senegal. Artisanne deal directly with the weavers, leaving out the middle man and ensuring that each and every item they sell is of the highest quality. 

We LOVE these stunning handwoven trays, complete with handwritten message and complimentary gift wrap- and ideal and unique gift for grandparents this Christmas. Each tray is made from sustainable local ndiorokh grasses and repurposed plastic, and will make an absolutely perfect table centrepiece for festive family meals. Just gorgeous!

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Stunning Baby Gifts from Etta Loves

Etta Loves was “created to turn everyday essentials into sensory sensations, by using the science of what babies can and can’t see to create clever and stunning patterns. The result is that babies are mesmerised and supported in their visual and cognitive development, whilst parents benefit from a priceless moment of calm.”

Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

This Christmas, we think you’ll love the Etta Loves organic cotton, padded plant print playmat- providing the perfect stimulation for tummy time and playtime. The scientifically designed, reversible pattern will captivate for the whole of babies first year. They will push up to make sense of the print, encouraging them to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles, and making tummy time more fun! 

Not only that but the patterns are scientifically designed to support babies' visual and cognitive development. The playmat comes in our gorgeous box packaging with a band to hold the mat together when rolled up - great for visiting grandchildren, making it perfect for home and away and guaranteeing a calm and happy first Christmas!  

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Practical Gifts from Bundle Beds

Bundle Beds are ideal for those super special sleepovers! Each bundle has everything that you need for a brilliant night’s sleep – yes, it’s ALL included!

A deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, a luxury duvet and a pillow with ultra-cosy cotton sheets. These fab little kids beds are an ideal next step on from a travel cot, and the Classic beds are perfect for adults or kids too- so perfect for when the whole family stay over!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Grandchildren |

From traveling the world and family camping adventures, to sleepovers at Grandma’s, sleep is never compromised with Bundle Beds- and we think these would make such a unique yet practical gift this Christmas! No need to inflate an air bed, no need to re-organise to create a spare room, no need to stress! Just unclip, unroll, unzip and unwind. 

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Gift wrapping this guide up

Excuse the pun, but we really hope this little guide has been useful. All the brands mentioned are fab little businesses we're proud to support here at Cuddledry. We know that this year in particular, mindful gifting is really important, and we just wanted to say thank you in advance for supporting our small businesses. It really does make a huge difference to us. Any like, share, comment or purchase is so very much appreciated- and leaving a review helps us all enormously. Thank you!