Finding a Routine During Lockdown

Finding a Routine During Lockdown_Cuddledry.comWe're now a good three weeks into lockdown v.3- how are we all doing? The Cuddledry team are all parents too, and yes- we're all struggling with the whole work/ life/ homeschool balance. It's really not easy! With this in mind, we decided to reach out to the lovely Lauren, aka Lauren The Nanny, to ask her a few burning questions about finding a routine during lockdown. Read on to find out about her top tips, and maybe together we can find some harmony amidst all this chaos!

"Hi I’m Lauren, I’m 32 years old and I’ve been a Nanny for 11 years. Overall I’ve worked in the childcare field for 13 years. 

I’m also a Mummy of a 8 year old boy and 1 year old girl. 

I founded Lauren The Nanny in 2018 and have two other businesses running alongside that - Little People Meals and The Little Rainbow

You can find me on Instagram - @laurenthenanny @littlepeoplemeals @thelittlerainbowltd and also "


What tips would you give to parents who are struggling with lack of routine due to lockdown?

Firstly don’t be too hard on yourself! These are unprecedented times and it’s hard enough for us parents to feel normal let alone our little ones. 

What I would say is do try and keep a routine as it helps break your day up, therefore making the day go a lot quicker and at least the little ones know what expect. If this isn’t possible try and figure out a loose routine or schedule to follow but don’t worry about sticking rigidly to it.

What does a good bathtime routine look like?

A good bath time routine is one that works for you and your family. There are
obviously guidelines and ideas of routines out there that you can follow but I’m a strong believer of making sure that your routine works for your own household so I don’t really like to force my ideal bath time on other parents. You may need to take into consideration your other children and your own work schedules. 

 How can parents talk to kids about lockdown?

I think it is really important to be open and explain to children that’s it’s ok to feel the emotions that they may be feeling. Try not to have the news on too much while they are around, they may not understand it and might sound scary. Try to not overwhelm them with information but try and incorporate it in everyday things. For example, hand washing and mask wearing and explain why in a way that you know they understand. You know your child best! There are lots of resources out there to help explain to children and failing that, speaking to your health visitor, child’s teacher or even your doctor if you are worried. 

Any tips for bathtime playtime/ water play  to pass a long, rainy afternoon?

There are so many fun games that you can create using household items! A favourite of ours is making a car wash. This game can also be played in the bath - you get bubble bath or washing up liquid (depending whether you are in bath or not!) make it supper bubbly. Then the kids have a sponge or cloth and can wash their toy cars etc. This is also a great activity if you genuinely have toys that need a little wash - the little ones will love feeling like they are helping out! 

Another favourite is shaving foam! We pretend that it’s snow and hide all of our favourite animals underneath them and the children have to try and fish them out. It’s such a lovely sensory activity.