Can I Give my Baby a Shower? |

Can I Give my Baby a Shower?

Sometimes it's not possible to bath your baby, so can you give them a shower instead? The answer is yes- and here are our tips on how to do it safely.

How to Take a Shower with Your Baby

Does the idea of taking a shower feel scary or stressful to you? It doesn't need to be that way! With a few preparations before you start, giving your baby a shower can be fun, convenient and a great way to end the day. 

Be prepared

Can I Give my Baby a Shower?

Just like when you give baby a bath, you need to be prepared before you turn the shower on. Have everything you need to hand and make sure that baby is awake, fed (wait at least 30 minutes after a feed) and in good spirits. We recommend having the following ready to go:

  • a hooded baby bath towel to wrap baby up in afterwards
  • nappy and clothes to change into
  • everything you need for a feed
  • non slip mat to step onto out of the shower

Shower safety 

When it comes to babies and water, safety is always so important- and one of hte reasons why lots of parents tend to stay away from the shower is because they feel it's too dangerous. As with any activity, there are potential risks, but if you follow safety guidance there's no reason why showers with your baby should be off the agenda. Here's a quick shower safety guide:

  • Check the water temperature. Make sure its not too hot, but not too cold either. Bath water temperature for babies is recommended to be 37C so aim for this.
  • Use a non-slip mat inside the shower, and outside too.
  • Hold your baby firmly in a comfortable position, facing towards you so that you can see them and monitor their reaction to the shower. 
  • Skip the shower gel and soap- a slippery baby is the last thing you need!
  • Avoid allowing the stream of water to hit your baby's face

Helpful equipment to make showering with baby easier

Can I Give my Baby a Shower?

There are some very clever gadgets out there that will make showering with your baby so much easier. some of our favourites include:

  • Waterproof sling- lots of parents use these to make sure their baby is safe and secure while in the shower. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry it out after use.
  • Baby bath chair. These are great if you have the room in your shower. Baby can sit happily on their chair while you shower- just make sure the water isn't directed on to them!
  • Baby bath tub. Again, depending on size, you can place your baby inside a baby bath tub inside the shower. This method is great if you don't intend to get into the shower too. If you're on holiday, consider taking an inflatable bath tub that you can blow up when you get there. 
  • Non slip mat. We've already mentioned this, but we thought it deserved to go on this list too. We recommend two- one for inside and one for outside the shower.
  • Bath thermometer- use this in a tub filled with shower water to make sure its not too hot.
  • Hooded baby bath towel. Of course, we recommend the handsfree baby bath towel and a willing helper ready to receive baby once you're done. Get them wrapped up quickly so that the sudden change in temperature doesn't upset them.

How often should I shower with my baby?

 When it comes to taking a shower with your baby, the same advice applies as when giving them a bath. Your baby doesn't necessarily need a shower every single day, but if its an essential part of your baby's bedtime routine then go for it. Be sure to keep them short and sweet though, to prevent their skin drying out. Read this post for more advice on how often to bath your baby

Caring for baby’s skin

Showers are often a better option for babies who have eczema or sensitive skin, as they tend to be quicker and therefore less likely to dry the skin out. Make sure you cuddle your baby dry (that's another great reason to use a Cuddledry handsfree towel!) and don't rub, plus only use baby friendly products to prevent irritation.

Relaxing bedtime routine

Can I Give my Baby a Shower?

Giving your baby a shower can be part of a relaxing bedtime routine! Keep things calm and quiet as much as you can, and follow up with some soothing baby massage to help them wind down.

What are the benefits of showering with baby?

There are many reasons why parents choose to shower with baby over giving them a a bath. Some families perhaps don't have a bath tub at home, or there could only be a shower where you go on holiday this summer too. Either way, there are certain benefits to giving your baby a shower. 

Showering after swimming

A great benefit of showering with your baby is that it will help to prepare them for  showers after swimming too- making the whole changing room experience so much less stressful!

Save water

In the interests of being a green as we can be, showers use much less water overall, and especially so if you share the experience!

Save time

Showers can be more convenient if you're pushed for time, or if you just need to give your baby a quick wash- hello nappy explosion!

Fun experience

As we always say, bathtime is an amazing sensory experience for babies, and the same goes for showers too!

Get ready for being away from home

If you're going away with your baby any time soon, there's a really good chance there won't be a bath tub- so giving your baby a shower now will help to prepare them before you leave.