Our Story

Cuddledry was founded in 2006 by us two mums and long term friends - Polly and Helen - after the births of our first children. After realising everyone faced the same stressful juggling act with towel and baby at bathtime, we decided there was a simple solution to make everyone’s lives easier and safer.

The name Cuddledry came without thinking too hard – as it describes exactly what we wanted to achieve – a way to simply cuddle your baby dry in your arms, naturally, easily, happily, and safely.

That desire to be helpful – making products that means life is simpler for parents, and safer for baby – whoever baths baby, wherever in the world they live – remains deeply embedded in everything we do. Bathtime is a uniquely special time – and we believe every moment should be filled with treasured smiles and laughter, and confidence that our products are giving you and your baby the best experience possible. 

The Original Cuddledry bath towel has won dozens of awards for its simple design, which has now stood the test of time against many alternatives, but not only did we want to design a product that was best suited to the job, we wanted a fabric that was too – and we wanted it to be ethical and sustainable.

We are proud to have now helped hundreds of thousands of parents in the UK and around the world have an easier time at baby bathtime ☺ - it really means a lot to us as mums ourselves. We run the business from our homes, working the hours that we can around our young families, and always learning as we go.

We took our little business on BBC Dragons Den way back in 2007 – they offered us investment but we chose to go our own way – eek! Thankfully it has worked, and our range has grown, as your babies have grown and you have asked us for more. Nowadays we make products for you from newborn up to age six (and the hair towels can go up to any age – parents included!), and we LOVE hearing about your time with your little ones, and seeing our products in use.  

We continue to run Cuddledry from our homes in Somerset, surrounded by the chaos of family life. Our fantastic team are all parents themselves and also work from their homes, regardless of location, and juggling work around babies and children. The babies who inspired Cuddledry are growing up fast, and now starting to get involved in the business themselves as teenagers!