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Multi-use eco hammam towel
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Multi-use eco hammam towel

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These beautiful eco-friendly hammam towels are so versatile.  Made with recycled, super soft material, they can be used for - 

- lightweight towel for home or travel, for adults or little ones

- soft comfortable towel, wrap or light blanket for activities like family picnics, camping or holidays, or for yoga, sports or the beach

- handy lightweight cloth to create shade for your baby in summertime

- a sarong style wrap, breastfeeding cover up or even a scarf!

- a beautiful throw for a sofa or anywhere in your home

Hammam towels are as large as bath sheet towels (dimensions are 180 x 100cm) but fold or roll down to a compact size to go in your bag.  They dry quickly and look beautiful in your home or on your travels!  

Made with - 50% unbleached cotton, 50% recycled cotton from pre-consumer textile waste (making use of waste from production of cotton t-shirts and towels - amazing!)

SOCIAL BENEFITS for LOCAL PEOPLE.  Cuddledry’s new Hamman Towels are handcrafted by local women in a little artisan Turkish village.  Traditionally the ladies in the village stayed at home and looked after the children and their husbands, but this local factory decide to create what they call the Women’s Project -  to encourage the ladies to work by giving them training and support in their own homes.   This soon gave the women more confidence and the project expanded as the ladies started going to the factory.   They now earn their own money, are enrolled in a pension scheme and some are learning to drive.  This wonderful local social project has trained dozens of women which gives them great job satisfaction, a sense of independence and self-worth, as well as supporting their families.

ECO-FRIENDLY. As well as being socially responsible and ethically made, our new Hamman Towels are super eco-friendly too!    The textile waste is from the many local productions of cotton t-shirts and towel productions. This textile production waste is sorted by colour and is then shredded into much smaller pieces.  These go the to the yarn spinner who brings it all together and binds the short fibres, creating longer fibres and ensuring a strong yarn is produced. After this process, the (longer) fibres are spun to produce the yarns which are used to weave the Hamman towels.

SUSTAINABLE.  The 50% recycled element equates to a saving per hammam towel of approx. 18,000 litres of water compared to 100% virgin cotton hammam towels.

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