Top 5 Personalised Baby Gifts

top 5 personalised baby

With Christmas fast approaching, the team here at Cuddledry HQ are almost giddy with excitement- we just LOVE the festive season! One thing we've noticed lately is that so many of you are keen to get organised quickly with your shopping too. And hats off to you! It seems our lots of you are also opting to personalise your baby towels and accessories- so we thought we'd help you out a little with this quick blog post. Here are what we consider to be the top 5 personalised baby gifts. Let us know what you think!

Why personalise? 

Before we get into it, let's take a moment to highlight the many reasons why personalised gifts are so popular right now. Let's face it, gift buying can be something of a nightmare if you're buying for someone you don't know well-or that you know very well, but can never decide what to get them! This time of year we tend to have more gifts to buy too, so finding something that stands out as special can be harder than ever!

Personalised gifts tell your recipient that you care. You thought about them. You took the time to make their gift unique to them, and nobody else. Personalised gifts show that you spent a little extra time and effort selecting a git that your loved one can treasure for a long time, something that you just knew they would want to see under the Christmas tree. Who's not going to love that?

Top 5 personalised gifts

1. Personalised baby bath towel/ baby bath robe- AKA bathtime gifts

Of course we're biased! We never claim to be anything but hugely passionate

top 5 personalised baby

about what we do here at Cuddledry- so top of our list has to be a personalised baby towel.

Our handsfree towel always makes such a useful yet luxurious gift (it's more than just a baby hooded towel!) for new mums and dads- and when our amazing embroiderer gets her hands on it it becomes a new baby gift you can treasure forever.

We also personalise our hugely popular hooded toddler towels- the brand new CuddlePenguin and super fun CuddleElf towels in particular are great for Christmas gifts. And let's not forget our star stocking filler: the Cuddletwist

2. Personalised nursery prints

As parents ourselves, we know how exciting it is when you start to decorate the nursery- and once baby arrives and has a name, adding a personalised print can really finish the room. We love this gorgeous range of personalised rainbow prints at The Little Jones- just lovely lovely gifts for a new Christmas baby!

The Little Jones also have these stunning initial prints which, like the rainbow prints, can be ordered either as they are or in a beautiful frame ready to hang.

3. Personalised memory/ keepsakes

top 5 personalised baby

The early days with a new baby often pass by in something of a blur- the sleepless nights and countless nappy changes tend to merge into one after a while! This is why we love memory boxes and keepsake gifts so much- and especially when they're personalised. We just adore literally everything at

Meminio, but if we had to choose we'd go for these amazing and simply gorgeous memory suitcases.

They're not only super stylish, but really practical too- big enough to hold all the memorable bits and pieces you want to keep. From scan photos to first shoes, to high school graduation certificates! The cases come with a beautiful embossed luggage tag that you can personalise to make them super special. Just beautiful. We also love Meminio's range of When you Were... books that can also be personalised- a delightful way to record your child's precious early years

4. Personalised height charts

As parents, we often look back at old photos as our children grow up, and we can't quite believe they were ever that small. Time seems to pass so quickly, and before you know it they're borrowing your clothes... ok, so we're getting ahead of ourselves a little! But we just cannot get enough of the really clever Family Rule's gorgeous collection of hand-crafted height charts. A permanent reminder and such a lovely way to record your little one's journey through life. 

The beautiful ruler height charts make such unique and thoughtful gifts for new parents, and there is also an option for DIY personalisation- which we think is just so clever.

5. Personalised plaque

top 5 personalised baby

The super talented Rosie Meringue is a long time friend of Cuddledry- she's the amazing creative behind the gorgeous birchwood plaques that feature in our Baby's First Bath bundle. We're huge fans of her work- obviously- and we love her whole range of personalised baby milestone plaques. She also has a really lovely collection of wall signs, birthday boards, cake toppers and mini plaques too. All really gorgeous, and perfect gifts for little ones at Christmas. 

Bonus personalised baby gift idea:

So we promised you five, but we just couldn't not mention the amazing One Mama One Shed because we absolutely adore her stuff! In particular, her super cute ( and perfect for Christmas Eve hot chocolate) Babyccino enamel mugs. They can be personalised and you can even get the set, with Dadaccino and Mamaccino matching mugs! Love it!

So, what's top of your personalised baby gift list this Christmas? We love hearing from you guys and discovering small brands that are totally new to us- so please do leave a comment. You can also get in touch over on Facebook and Instagram too. We look forward to hearing from you!