Showering with Baby

Showering with

Here at Cuddledry HQ we’re all for making bath time fun, and also relaxing for you. Our apron towels were designed so that parents could safely and easily transfer baby from bath to warmth without any fuss, and we think we’ve done really well in that respect! But what about when it comes to showering with baby? Are you brave enough to try it? Here are some top tips for showering with baby- hope they help!

Why take a shower with baby?

Not all bathrooms have a bath tub. Fact. But more than that, for some families taking showers works better and who are we to argue with that? But there may be other reasons why taking a shower with baby is a good option for you. Perhaps you are due to go away this summer and your accommodation only has a shower? Perhaps you want to get baby used to showers ahead of scheduled swimming lessons? Perhaps you want to take a shower yourself, and baby is being super clingy? Whatever the reason, it’s not unheard of to pop baby into the shower with you- but you’d be surprised how many parents dread the thought! It doesn’t have to be a stressful activity- and yes, the Cuddledry apron towels do come into it too!

Be prepared

Showering with

Like any good bath time routine, the success of a shower routine lies in the preparation. Make sure you have everything ready and be prepared to cut it short if baby protests. Hopefully he will love being under the warm water with you, but just in case, you’ll want to have everything to hand! It also helps if you have a willing volunteer ready to take baby from you too- and make sure they’re equipped with your Cuddledry towel ready to keep baby warm! Here’s a checklist to tick off before you start:

  • Hang a small towel near the shower door so that you can wipe baby’s face if he doesn’t like it getting wet.
  • Collect everything you need for after the shower- nappy, pyjamas, a toy to hold and your Cuddledry towel.

Safety first

Make sure you turn down the temperature of the shower so that it is no hotter than you would usually run the bath. It’s also a good idea to skip the soap too- you don’t want a slippery baby, especially if the shower makes him squirm! Make sure there is nothing on the floor of the shower that you could stumble on, and keep all items out of baby’s reach too- so clear the shower shelf of everything and make sure there’s nothing hanging on cords that baby could pull on.

Pop a bath mat down on the floor outside the shower so that you don’t slip getting in and out of the shower, and if you have a waterproof one put that inside the shower with you, so that you don’t slip in there either.

Take it slowly

If your baby has never had a shower before, don’t expect him to love it straight away. Chances are, the water will fascinate him and he will happily duck in with you when you need him to. But there’s also a very good chance that the sound of the water could frighten him, and some babies are not keen on getting their faces wet either. Make sure you take it slowly, and end the shower as soon as your baby lets you know enough is enough!

Showering with

Make it fun!

Just like bath time, shower time can be fun! Take some toys into the shower with you and let your baby hold one while you stand under the water. Let him associate the shower with fun. Sing songs and talk to him throughout the whole process so that he knows there is nothing to be afraid of.

Top tips

Showering with baby might take some practise at first. Here are some top tips to help it go as smoothly as possible:

  • Have someone hold baby while you get in and have a hair and body wash. Then make sure all bubbles are rinsed away before baby is handed to you, so that you can hold him without slippery soap making things difficult.
  • Employ someone to stand on guard ready to receive baby when you’re done. Keep the water running while you do the hand over so that he doesn’t get cold.
  • Try a family shower- if you have a big enough cubicle! Sometimes seeing older siblings enjoying the experience can help to relax baby, although you will need some shower rules to keep chaos at bay!
  • Spread an extra towel on the floor in the bathroom to stop the floor from getting too wet.
  • Wash baby before you get in the shower, so that he can just enjoy the experience without you needing to fuss about washing.
  • Make sure you’re confident in holding baby while you’re in the shower- if he wriggles you need to be able to hold on tight!
  • For smaller babies, wrap a towel around the body to help with traction in the shower. They’re less likely to slip and will like the feeling of being wrapped up too.