Baby's First Bath


baby's first

Here at Cuddledry HQ, we know how special your baby's first bath is. We know you want this moment to be one you remember for years to come, and we want to help make sure it's remembered for all the right reasons.

The original handsfree towel was invented after Helen and Polly watched their husbands struggle at bathtime with their own babies. It became very clear very quickly, that a towel tucked under the chin or spread out on the cold bathroom
floor did not make a happy baby! And that first bath was filled with tears, frustration and a sense of helplessness- turning what could have been a precious bonding experience into something each parent started to dread.




Fast forward over ten years, and we think we've nailed it. Here is our guide to baby's first bath. Don't fill that tub without reading this first- and pass it on to a friend who needs it's first bath.


 Yes, it   really is  easy for  us to say.  But remember that even very small babies can pick up on a parent's stress levels really easily. This is one of the reasons why we believe the handsfree towel can be so integral in the bonding process for new families. Try to releax as much as you can when it comes to baby's first bath. Yes, it can be daunting- but we've got your back.

baby's first

Be prepared

Now is definitely not the time to wing it. Before you even think about filling that baby bath with water, make sure you have everything you need- and make sure it's all within reaching distance too. We recommend you gather together:

  • Cuddledry handsfree towel- fasten around your neck in preparation
  • A soft towel or cushion to kneel on
  • Nappies and equipment needed for nappy change
  • Bowl of warm water for a top & tail wash
  • Bamboo washcloths 
  • Clothes to dress baby in after the bath
  • Equipment needed for feeding
  • Relaxing music (optional)
  • An extra pair of hands- if you have help offered, take it!

Prepare the bath

baby's first

When you've got everything you need, make sure baby is in a safe place while you prepare the bath water. We recommend baby's first few baths are in a smaller baby bath. Make sure the water temperature is just right (see this post for more info) and that you don't overfill. You don't need bubble bath or soap at this point, just warm water. When you're happy that the water is ok for your baby, you can officially start proceedings!

Take a deep breath...

Like we said, we've got your back. We're convinced that the handsfree towel is going to make baby's first bath that much easier, now we just need to convince you too! Follow our tried and tested steps for bathtime success:

  1. Gently lay baby on a soft blanket and use a bamboo washcloth to clean the face. Take care around the eyes.
  2. Strip baby down to nappy and gently clean the uppper body, under the chin and under the arms. 
  3. Remove baby's nappy and gently wash the area, again with warm water and a silkt soft bamboo washcloth.
  4. Use both hands to lift your baby and lower them into the water.  Place one arms on your baby's shoulders and neck, holding baby's outside arm wth your hand. Place your other hand under baby's bottom and in this position lower them gently into the water. When your baby is safely in the water, you can remove your bottom hand.
  5. Keep hold of your baby throughout bathtime, using your other hand to gently scoop water onto the skin.

baby's first

Lifting baby from the bath

Your baby's first bath is likely to be short and sweet. Take your cues from them and if they're showing signs of starting to get cold or upset, it's time to call it a day. When you're ready, use both hands to gently lift baby from the water. Bring them to your chest and hold them against the warmth of your handsfree towel. Holding baby with one hand, use your other one to lift the bottom corner of the towel up so that you can hook the hood over baby's head. Then wrap the rest of the towel around your baby, and cuddle them dry. Read this post for a more detailed explanation of how to use your handsfree towel. 

When you're ready, you can lay baby down onto a safe surface and use the one handed popper release to remove the towel from around your neck. Always pat baby dry, and take your time so you keep the experience gentle and relaxed.

After bath time

Babies can feel the cold a lot more quickly than adults, so make sure you dress them swiftly once you've enjoyed warm cuddles. Lots of babies will want a feed straight after bath time too, and if you're doing this as part of your bedtime routine then now is a good time to settle down for the night in a dim and peaceful room. And now breathe. You did it. You rock.