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14th June 2011

Bath time adventures with Ben Fogle

Bath time adventures with Ben Fogle

When you've raced to the South Pole and trekked the Sahara Desert, you'd think you'd be ready for any challenge, but nothing quite prepares you for the adventure of new parenthood!

Ben Fogle is well known for embarking on all kinds of crazy adventures, but when he's not navigating the artic circle his wife Marina tells us that he likes to tackle the challenge of bath times instead.

With a brand new baby, Iona, plus a young son, Ludo, bath times are a juggling act to say the least, but with our help, the Fogles are well equipped!

"Thank you so much for the towels you sent us," said Marina, "they are really fabulous and have been constantly in use since they popped through our door. I love the quality – they’re so soft and thick and both our children love cuddling in them while we dry them. Having thought we had bathtime sorted, I now don’t know how we survived so long without them."

So which do you think is more of a challenge, bathing a baby and toddler or rickshawing across the UK? We reckon it's a tough call...

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