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4th February 2011

Cuddledry helps to smash the glass ceiling

Cuddledry helps to smash the glass ceiling

As mums ourselves, we really do understand the trials and tribulations of attaining that ever elusive work-life balance, and making sure family life doesn't ever have to come second is at the heart of everything we do.

Because of this, all our staff work from home, flexibly, fitting work around kids and home, rather than the other way round. And do you know what we've found? It works! When you give people the opportunity to be flexible, trust them to manage their own time, they pay it back with an amazing loyalty and passion for the job.

So we're thrilled then to be featured today at the daily women's news website Women's Views on News as an example of a company striving to offer women a better deal in the workplace.

Smashing through glass ceilings, leading a mummy revolution... and all at the same time as raising a family! Now that's multi-tasking...

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