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1st February 2011

Leading the mummy revolution!

Leading the mummy revolution!

Put down those bowls of puree, cast off your muslins and put on your best shoes - we're starting a revolution!

Yes, we may be a little over-excited, and yes it's been a while since we went out in high heels, but no, we will not be beaten!

This week we were HUGELY excited to find out we have been nominated in the Tommy's Baby Friendly Awards - Best Nursery Brand no less. 'So why the revolution?' we hear you cry...

Well, the fact is that we're up against some of the biggest brands in the nursery industry, the real giants, the likes of Mothercare and Avent in fact. But we are undaunted. We CAN win this!

We are on a mission, a mission to prove that small, mummy-run businesses like Cuddledry CAN hold their own against the big boys. We may be women, we may have babies permanently attached to our hips but by gosh we can do business with the best of them.

But we need your help. Here's what you can do.

First, and most importantly, VOTE FOR US. I can't say this loudly enough. VOTE FOR US! There's a chance to win a holiday too, so this bit isn't completely selfless.

Secondly, tell everyone you know to vote for us too. Put it on facebook, tweet about it, blog about it, run up and down outside your house in a silly hat shouting about it if that's what it takes.* We are in this together, we have a point to prove for mummies everywhere after all.

So what are you doing still reading this? Go! Go vote, go change into your best shoes and silly hat! Act fast though, we only have until 21 February. Let the revolution begin...

*There is no chance that running up and down outside in a silly hat will win you a holiday, so this bit is more selfless.

Photo credit - Chris Corwin

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